Social Responsibility

We participate of two projects:

Amigos em AçãoAmigos em Ação

The Social Responsibility stopped being an option of the enterprises.
It is a question of vision and survival.

Like socially responsible enterprise, to Alessandro Belchior it created, be 17 years, his principal social project, “ Friends in Action “, what benefits, annually, philanthropic entities with donations of foods, wakes up in his participants the conscience of the social responsibility and what maintains from 2005 to Band of Fifes Youth Friends in Action formed by children and adolescents, in the District of Ruined house, in Aquiráz.

Spent already 17 years, ” in Action ” one turned Friends into an action consolidated and valued by the friends, whose number grows to each year, for the philanthropic institutions – that support to be chosen, for the Press (the attention what the media, especially, the written Press, it is paying to the program) and for the collaborators themselves of Alessandro Belchior and Counselors of Friends in Action who participate actively of the program.

Today ” Amigos in Action ” is a mark, inclusive, registered in the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property). When though Alessandro Belchior and his brought together enterprises were maintained for, the program already his own fez way, being consolidated like a project of social reach that mobilizes, annually, a great contingent of persons for whom they look through a gesture gives his contribution for a better world.

In 1998 the enterprise coordinated, in the Ceará, the Campaign Christmas Without Hunger, of the Cáritas Arquidiocesana, where they were collected more of 30.000kg of foods.

Dr. Jardson Cruz collaborates with this project acting like counselor.

 Associação Caatinga Associação Caatinga

The scrubland is one of the most populous semi-arid regions of the world. The ecosystem is suffering historically drastic modifications due to the human actions. With effect, ” the powers of scrubland ” are still present in almost all the Brazilian northeast, or, but precisely in the area called polygon of the droughts, which includes part of the north of Minas Gerais.

The scrubland occupies around 10 % of the national territory, having around 800.000 km ². Only 1 % of this area is protected. That is due to the fact of this have been first one of the biomas to suffer alterations for the man.

Because of recognizing the importance of the Scrubland, only one bioma exclusively Brazilian, the fact is that the office of legal practice JARDSON CRUZ ASSOCIATE LAWYERS, through an initiative of responsibility environmental-partner, through his calendar 2009, spreads the work developed by the non-government entity ASSOCIATION SCRUBLAND created in Fortress in October of 1998, which commemorated his YEAR 10 in 2008, and what it has like mission ” To preserve the biodiversidade of the Scrubland “.

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